Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive Betterments

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive streetscape betterments are a significant, strategic investment for our community.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. corridor is a prominent corridor in Winston-Salem, flanking the eastern edge of downtown and connecting Winston-Salem State University with Union Station and various other points of interest. The MLK Jr. corridor will become even more strategic when it becomes a primary detour while Business 40 is closed for construction.

Design guidelines for intersections, landscaping and artwork along this corridor were developed as part of the Creative Corridors Coalition Master Plan, and subsequent follow-up work was completed by Design Workshop. Currently, an engineering study is being completed by the Winston-Salem Department of Streets. Creative Corridors Coalition will play an important role in the design strategy and the siting and commissioning of public art projects at strategic points along the corridor.

Proposed Project Costs
Total Cost: $3,250,000
Funded by Private Sector: $325,000