Strollway Pedestrian Bridge

This will be the first land bridge in North Carolina and possibly the first urban land bridge in the United States.

The Creative Corridors Coalition engaged North Carolina native and internationally acclaimed landscape architect Walter Hood for the Strollway Pedestrian Bridge because there was a desire to consider this bridge in the context of the larger Strollway environment. Hood took inspiration from the land bridge concept and applied it to an urban setting creating an innovative and iconic solution—the only one of its kind in North Carolina. Like the High Line in Manhattan, this bridge will create a remarkable and unique pedestrian experience and will be an important asset for our downtown environment.

When the highway was created, it quite literally divided Winston and Salem. This Pedestrian Bridge will relink our city’s historic past to its dynamic present and bright future. The bridge itself will include 12-foot-wide walkways to allow both pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Planting beds will be integrated into the bridge on either side of the walkway with a variety of native plants and ornamental trees. This bridge represents a truly innovative solution for Winston-Salem.

Proposed Project Costs
Total Cost: $1,414,940
Funded by Private Sector: $980,000